Disney Springs OOTD: Powering Down @ DisneyQuest

I spent the past weekend saying my goodbyes to DisneyQuest, the indoor interactive experience that was supposed to pop-up across the nation, but only survived at Downtown Disney/Disney Springs for the past 19 years. I attended the funeral and relived the late nineties by jumping on the Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam, killing it on Frogger, and getting motion sick on oh-so-many things.

Here’s a closer look minus the ICONIC guy in the cargo shorts.

With my outfit, I thought I’d throw in a tribute to another deceased member of the Downtown Disney family, Pleasure Island, with this awesome baseball tee from TeePublic artist plaidmonkey. #RIPComedyWarehouse. I also added my acid washed denim Pride dad hat from American Eagle once my hair got crazy from the frantic running to experience it all (i.e. very quickly after I entered the building).

Since I knew I would be climbing an exorbitant amount of stairs, I just went uber simple with the bottom half of my outfit. I wore a tan pair of flat front shorts from American Eagle, which I now swear by. They are the most comfortable shorts and the length is perfect, as it hugs my legs while still allowing them to breathe in the blazing Florida heat. For shoes, I went with my Woody Vans to fit the promotional material for the closing, because I’m that type of nerd. (Complete Side Note: In the 5th grade, when I had to go in to pick braces colors, I chose sky blue and silver for a month to match the start of the Year of a Million Dreams. Yeah.)

It was fun throwback day and I’m so glad I got to go and say my goodbyes. It has been real DisneyQuest. See you in cyberspace.



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  1. It was a pleasure to be able to experience my first and last time @ Disney Quest with you Marsh! You are certainly the “tour guide extrodinare “

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