ANT-MAN Shorts Stun (& Shrink)

I am a self-proclaimed superhero hater. I don’t like Marvel movies. (I watched both Guardians. I still don’t understand the obsession, sans the inclusion of “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac. That ish was the only fun part for me.) I don’t enjoy the over-the-top noticeable three act structure. I’m tired of various white men fighting others and being stressed about their lives. It’s bo-ring. When Disney bought Marvel back in 2009, I tried really hard to get into the MCU, but quickly fell off. Captain America: The First Avenger is one I still love, but that’s mostly due to the period setting.

With this in mind, I’ve skipped out on a lot of Marvel material. The only Marvel thing in recent memory that has me truly excited is Black Panther ’cause Lupita Nyong’o and Michael B. Jordan (also, that trailer tho). I actually avoid Marvel news because I, unfortunately, don’t care all that much.

However, recently I came across these new ANT-MAN shorts on Disney XD and oh my god, they are incredible.¬†French filmmakers Ugo Bienvenu and Kevin Manach lead the production of these six minute-long shorts, and they are breathtaking. The writing and plot lines are sharp (i.e. Ant-Man having to deal with Yellow Jacket, while simultaneously trying to save his daughter’s science fair project.) and the pacing is exceptional. However, the biggest win is the animation style.

This 1970s-80s, pop art, technicolor wonderland is my new everything. Everything pops and has a sense of wonder that we don’t see a lot in current Disney Television Animation, especially the 2-D stuff. I hope some of my favorite Disney Instagramers, like the queen @leslieakay takes some inspiration from these shorts for some new outfits and pics.

The more the Marvel universe becomes more experimental and fun like these shorts, the more onboard I will be. Here’s to ANT-MAN!

Be sure to check out these shorts on DisneyXD’s official YouTube channel.


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