Our Favorites from the Disney+Jansport Collection

Jansport recently unveiled their highly anticipated (and marketed, ’cause I couldn’t go on FaceBook without seeing an ad for it) Disney collection. Currently, there are 13 bag models in the collection and the multitude of designs range from subtle to *clears throat* IN YO’ FACE! We chose a few favorites that we wanted to highlight from the new collection.

 This Hatchet bag in the Grey Mickey Sketch design goes for $70 and is great for school. Whether it be a college campus or a middle school hallway, this one keeps the color subdued, but the character love ever present. It fits a 15” laptop in a padded sleeve and has two water bottle holders (always a big win in my eyes). A ton of pockets, a ton of space, a ton of Mickey.


The $75 Right Pack Expressions in Disney Luxe Minnie design is chic. CHIC. It’s light brown color keeps it subtle and sweet from afar, but the closer you get, the red bows on Minnie show up and the Disney adoration becomes clear. It features a suede leather bottom, a laptop sleeve, and three zippered compartments. Perfect bag for traveling. If you wear this on a flight that I am on, I will give you a standing ovation.

This High Stakes bag in the Disney Space Walk design gives you the most simple and iconic Jansport bag and pairs it with an out of this world design (pun absolutely intended…feel the pun…love the pun…embrace the pun). For $50, it has the ability to shrink and stretch depending on how much you have in it. This should be your go-to Future World bag. It will look great in the Mission: Space loose items compartment.

Be sure to check out the whole collection over on Jansport.

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