Great YouTube Series You’re Not Watching: Disney Design Challenge

Welcome to our new series highlighting some fantastic Disney-based content being released on YouTube!

Disney Style has been really putting out some great stuff on their YouTube channel in recent months. From lookbooks to DIY videos, they’re becoming a great content machine with high view counts to back them up.

However, one new series they’ve begun has, unfortunately, gotten lost in the shuffle. Disney Design Challenge is their first foray into reality and it works pretty well.

It follows students at the OTIS College of Art and Design trying to create a collection based around Frozen. The students get to choose and character and create a line that evokes the film, the personality/fashion of the character, along with a distinct style found in Los Angeles, like Hollywood Glamour or Streetwear.

The student who wins gets a scholarship for their final year of college and the website Nineteenth Amendment will sell their designs.

The final presentations and winner was just announced and I really enjoyed seeing their designs and how they took these Disney characters to such a high fashion place. A live finale episode is being released soon, where the designs that will be for sale will be announced which is uber exciting. I’m hoping they aren’t pricey, ’cause I hopefully plan on picking up a few pieces.

Be sure to click below to watch the short series from the beginning!

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