Mug Shots – July 2K17

It’s time for MUG SHOTS, our monthly round-up of the best Disney mugs for sale across the interwebs so you can magically sip that tea. The tea always needs to be stirred, so why not in a Disney mug? We see you. We understand you. We are ready to give you what you want. Now, backs against the wall!

This month, all of our entries are available from

These adorable Mickey and Goofy Mason Jar mugs go for $19.90. While they are hand wash only, few things excite me more than a mason jar. Free food, Princess Diaries, Mason Jars. Yep, that’s me in a nutshell. Cute for serving up some refreshing ice tea or for sitting a-top your desk and holding pens and pencils.

This Star Wars mug goes for $12.90 and is best for coffee and tea drinkers (sorry, cold liquid fans). The mug is heat sensitive, so once your hot coffee is added to the mug, the full logo for The Force Awakens appears (and maybe Maz Kanata? Don’t quote me on that.), which is the coolest. Yes, the pun was intended.




This Cinderella mug goes for $12.90 and is super cute. Adorned with the phrase “Dreams do not end after Midnight,” it’s the perfect piece of inspiration and motivation to keep you heading towards your goals…but like, after your morning joe. ‘Cause some stuff has to wait.

Of all the mugs to use for desk decoration, this jumbo Captain America shield is the perfect fit. It holds 24 fl. oz. and is microwave/dishwasher safe, so if you do choose to use it in its intended way, it is a great choice. However, plant some small succulents in there and you have an adorable bedside table display. Avengers Assemble!



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