disneyBOP Book Club: Our First Book Announcement!

I am thrilled to announce that we are starting a book club here at disneyBOP! The goal of this book club is to prepare us and excite us for the future. Why does that mission statement sound incredibly cheesy and, like, the worst? Well, because it’s based in truth!

Since the beginning of time, movies and TV shows have been based on books. Also since the beginning of time, people have not shut up saying “Well, the book was better,” which leads you to punch them in the face, but then go “Wait…is it?” and then have a major case of FOMO and run away crying. Or, like, something similar.

With this never-ending cycle in mind, why not combat it and actually read the books first?! Brilliant.

Disney has a lot of book-based movies and TV shows coming up in the docket, but we’re going to start with a novel from 1963.

Our first book will be…A Wrinkle in Time!

This sci-fi fantasy YA classic was written by Madeleine L’Engle and won the prestigious Newberry Medal. It follows Meg, who travels across the universe and through time itself to rescue her trapped scientist father on another planet. Yeah, crazy stuff. It’s going to be great!

We’re reading this first as the film adaptation will be released by Walt Disney Pictures on March 9th, 2018. It’s directed by Ava Duvernay, marking the first time a woman of color is directing a film with a budget over $100 million. On top of that, the cast includes Rowan Blanchard, Chris Evans, Mindy Kaling, Reese Witherspoon, and OPRAH FREAKING WINFREY. Yeah, we’re reading the dang book.

Now, we are reading it this far from the actual release date for a reason. I’ve heard this theory from many people (including the now shuttered Patty and Emily podcast, RIP) that it’s best to give yourself six months from experiencing the original to viewing a new interpretation. For example, you could watch Legally Blonde, wait six months, then you are free to view the musical. That way, it’s fresh enough in your mind to understand the concept, but far enough away to not be so nitpicky. This allows you to have a sense of love for the property, while still going in with open mind.

Here’s how it will work: Every week, I’ll assign a group of pages. We’ll have a week to read (It won’t be too long, since the book is just over 200 pages long) and once that week is up, you return here so we can discuss. I’ll have a short podcast where I break down what we read and my thoughts on the section, then the comment section will be ready for chatting. On top of that, while you’re reading, feel free to tag @disneyBOP¬†¬†and use this book’s hashtag, #WrinkleBOP.

At the end of our read, we’ll celebrate with coverage of the upcoming film, some trivia games, and maybe even a giveaway or two!

Your first reading assignment is Chapters 1 and 2. Now, going off of the 2007 Square Fish edition of the book, that is pages 1-44. The time will be a tad longer this time around so you can acquire the book. Feel free to use #WrinkleBOP when reading to share your thoughts and I’ll meet you back here on August 23rd to chat about the chapters with our podcast and such!

Happy Reading!


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