The Official Unofficial Disney Slang Dictionary

I have a problem where I start to say something ironically, but it ends up becoming my normal language. Like, totes. I’ve decided I need to bring some new slang words into my personal dictionary and what better way than to support phrases made famous by Disney. When you think about it, we have been introduced to numerous words and phrases that originated in Disney films and television, so why not make them part of the lexicon? Here’s an alphabetical list of Disney slang that you should add to your own personal vocabulary. Be sure to tweet @disneyBOP some entries for words we’ve missed and we’ll add them to our dictionary.


Bitch BabyScandal: Definition – Wimp; “Stop being such a little bitch baby and suck it up”

Cetus-Lupeedus/Zetus-LapetusZenon: Definition – A feeling of exclamation, similar to OMG; “Cetus-Lupeedus, I can’t believe that rocket ship launched!”

CoconutsJake and the Neverland Pirates: Definition – Bummer; “I dropped my books. Ah, coconuts!”

Dance It OutGrey’s Anatomy: Definition – Relax and refocus, to ignore surroundings and move with a sense of joy; “You seem down. We need to dance it out.”

GrooveThe Emperor’s New Groove: Definition – Mood, current headspace; “Stop talking about the homework due tomorrow, you’re throwing off my groove.”

Hakuna MatataThe Lion King: Definition – No worries; “I’m late to the movie, but Hakuna Matata.”

Inky Zenon: Definition – Gross, Bad; “Ugh, this fish is so inky.”

Later DaysThe Weekenders: Definition – See you later; “Okay, I have to go now. Later days!”

My Life is TrashPepper Ann: Definition – To convey that something is going through a struggle; “I got an F on this test. My life is trash.”

Noodle PB&J Otter: Definition – Brain; “Use your noodle to make a decision.”

OodelayPB&J Otter: Definition – A greeting, similar to Aloha; “See you soon! Oodelay!”

So Not the DramaKim Possible: Definition – No worries, no big deal; “You can’t come tonight? So not the drama, we can reschedule!”

Sweet NibletsHannah Montana: Definition – Exclamatory phrase like ‘good lord,’ can be positive or negative; “He ate the last brownie? Sweet Niblets!”

Tinsel Prep & Landing: Definition – Positive word, like great or awesome; “Oh my goodness, that’s so tinsel!”

To the Tenth Power SquaredZenon: Definition – to further accentuate importance;
“That movie was incredible to the tenth power squared.”

What’s the Sitch?Kim Possible: Definition – What’s happening, what’s the plan; “Hey Wade, what’s the sitch?”

WhompsRecess: Definition – Sucks; “We have homework over the weekend?! This whomps.”

Ya Nasty – That’s So Raven: Definition – Someone is insulting or rude; “Can you stop looking at me like that, ya nasty?!”

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