Club Mickey Mouse Kicks It Old School & Inspirational

To quickly get the recap out of the way: I love Club Mickey Mouse arguably too much, their music is all I’ve listened to for weeks now, and they recently released two new songs!

“Generation M” is a 90s style R&B bop that I’ve been jamming to hard since it’s release. Regan gets her time to shine with a killer rap, then Brianna comes out and slays like chorus with some smooth riffs. The video, weirdly, doesn’t cover the entire song and I’m not entirely sure why, but it’s fun none the less. Those yellow overalls are my new aesthetic.

“Be Ok” was released this past Thursday to celebrate National Bullying Prevention Month. It’s a fun and inspirational pop tune about being there for each other when someone’s down. Ky gets his turn to solo (and does a great job!), along with Leanne, Regan, and Brianna. Check out the infectiously bubbly beach music video below.

I’ve seen mixed things across their social media, but this might be the final week of Club Mickey Mouse and I’m actually devastated. I hope this turns into something more, like a weekly variety show like the other incarnations. (Looking at you, Disney Channel) Here’s hoping, as these past 5 weeks have been great. Keep on Mousin’!

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