Dreamport Cosmetics are the Real Deal


After featuring them a couple months ago, they sent me over a box of goodies and let me tell you, their stuff is fantastic.

I was gifted a bunch of fun stuff (and I am so appreciative of it!), and I haven’t had the time to try it all yet, but I would like to gush over two products I’m really loving.

The Grapefruit Cake Exfoliating Shower Gel is named after the famous Grand Floridian dessert and my goodness, it smells fantastic. I used it like a mad person, I loved it so much. It made me feel as luxurious as a guest at the hotel. The exfoliating beads were not harsh enough to hurt my skin (which I’ve felt with previous scrubs), but enough to feel like it was working.



I also am loving the Main Street Barber Shop After Shave. I have never been an aftershave person, mostly out of fear it would hurt my skin. My face is sensitivity city, so I’ve come in contact with many a product that makes me red, breakout, dry, flaky, etc. I’ve had to do a lot of trial and error. However, a thin layer of this after I shave not only smells refreshing, but it’s helped keep my bumps and redness down on my face. It is fantastic!




I also received a face mask, sugar scrub, and eye mask from them and look forward to trying them out in the future.

Make sure to head on over to Dreamport Cosmetics to look into their fantastic line of products!

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