Hey There, Strangers

It has been a while. Hey there, all 3 readers! How ya doin’?!

The end of the year was a big ‘ole mess for me, so excuse my lack of any content since October. My bad. However, I’ve taken some time to think about this site and how I want it to go into 2018, so let’s discuss.

I was trying to have an article a day which, for me currently being a one person operation, isn’t feasible. I couldn’t keep up and looking back, I wasn’t happy with a lot of the stuff I put out last year.

I still want the lifestyle and representation angle to stay, but with it comes a new schedule and some new content ideas.

I begin the Disney College Program at the end of the month, so there will be some content from the eyes of a DCPer. I have many things written/ideas saved thus far for entertainment reviews, thinkpieces, etc. that I am very excited to share. Fashion will still play a big part, but with larger pieces. I really want to try and make some video content, but that’s more of a hope for the year, so maybe expect some of that, too.

Starting this week, my schedule will be a new post every Tuesday and Friday. This way, we can get into the swing of things without me stressing and putting out a 3 word piece paired with a video.

I would LOVE to have more voices on this site, as that was the goal the entire time. With more voices involved, we can have more content. PLEASE send me samples of your work and ideas for content to disneybop@gmail.com. I want to hear your thoughts on Disney fashion trends, on your representation issues with Disney films, with your thoughts on whatever!

So, that’s the plan. If you have ideas for content or what you want to see, comment below or send an email to the above address. I’m thrilled to be back and until tomorrow, Life Live Magically!

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