Great YouTube Series You’re Not Watching: Down to Disness

If you are a Disney fan who dabbles on the YouTubes, you may be familiar with Sarah Snitch/Sarah Sterling. I’ve been subscribed to her channel for the past 6 years. I’ve been with her through college, her Disney College Program, and her current Thingamavlogs period (her Disney collab channel that puts out some great content).

Sarah has always been a Disney YouTuber, but two years ago, Sarah began a new series called “Down to Disness.” She is going through the Walt Disney Animation Studios cannon and diving deep into the history and legacy of every Disney animated film. Also, viewers get to vote on what they want to see as the monthly entry.

She discusses the making of, the initial reaction from audiences, and what the film has become as time has passed. It’s really interesting, easily digestible, and injected with some inside-Disney humor that is always appreciated.

Be sure to subscribe to Sarah for more Down to Disness, along with other great Disney content.

Mug Shots – July 2K17

It’s time for MUG SHOTS, our monthly round-up of the best Disney mugs for sale across the interwebs so you can magically sip that tea. The tea always needs to be stirred, so why not in a Disney mug? We see you. We understand you. We are ready to give you what you want. Now, backs against the wall!

This month, all of our entries are available from

These adorable Mickey and Goofy Mason Jar mugs go for $19.90. While they are hand wash only, few things excite me more than a mason jar. Free food, Princess Diaries, Mason Jars. Yep, that’s me in a nutshell. Cute for serving up some refreshing ice tea or for sitting a-top your desk and holding pens and pencils.

This Star Wars mug goes for $12.90 and is best for coffee and tea drinkers (sorry, cold liquid fans). The mug is heat sensitive, so once your hot coffee is added to the mug, the full logo for The Force Awakens appears (and maybe Maz Kanata? Don’t quote me on that.), which is the coolest. Yes, the pun was intended.




This Cinderella mug goes for $12.90 and is super cute. Adorned with the phrase “Dreams do not end after Midnight,” it’s the perfect piece of inspiration and motivation to keep you heading towards your goals…but like, after your morning joe. ‘Cause some stuff has to wait.

Of all the mugs to use for desk decoration, this jumbo Captain America shield is the perfect fit. It holds 24 fl. oz. and is microwave/dishwasher safe, so if you do choose to use it in its intended way, it is a great choice. However, plant some small succulents in there and you have an adorable bedside table display. Avengers Assemble!



Disney Springs OOTD: Powering Down @ DisneyQuest

I spent the past weekend saying my goodbyes to DisneyQuest, the indoor interactive experience that was supposed to pop-up across the nation, but only survived at Downtown Disney/Disney Springs for the past 19 years. I attended the funeral and relived the late nineties by jumping on the Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam, killing it on Frogger, and getting motion sick on oh-so-many things.

Here’s a closer look minus the ICONIC guy in the cargo shorts.

With my outfit, I thought I’d throw in a tribute to another deceased member of the Downtown Disney family, Pleasure Island, with this awesome baseball tee from TeePublic artist plaidmonkey. #RIPComedyWarehouse. I also added my acid washed denim Pride dad hat from American Eagle once my hair got crazy from the frantic running to experience it all (i.e. very quickly after I entered the building).

Since I knew I would be climbing an exorbitant amount of stairs, I just went uber simple with the bottom half of my outfit. I wore a tan pair of flat front shorts from American Eagle, which I now swear by. They are the most comfortable shorts and the length is perfect, as it hugs my legs while still allowing them to breathe in the blazing Florida heat. For shoes, I went with my Woody Vans to fit the promotional material for the closing, because I’m that type of nerd. (Complete Side Note: In the 5th grade, when I had to go in to pick braces colors, I chose sky blue and silver for a month to match the start of the Year of a Million Dreams. Yeah.)

It was fun throwback day and I’m so glad I got to go and say my goodbyes. It has been real DisneyQuest. See you in cyberspace.



“Star Wars: Forces of Destiny” Debuts Galactic Feminism

The first in a series of Star Wars shorts was just released and it is two minutes and forty-eight seconds of pure joy. The new Star Wars: Forces of Destiny shorts will follow the various kick butt women of the Star Wars universe in small stories that take place within their respective timelines.

“Sands of Jakku” was just released on Disney’s YouTube channel and it follows Rey soon after meeting BB-8. The story is simple, but shows the true character of Rey. She is swift, smart, and solicitous. Take a look below at the first short.

Daisy Ridley reprised her role for the short, which was great. The animation style is rather simple, but I adored how you could see everything in her eyes. She cares about everyone, from droids to monsters. How can you not love Rey?!

The series will follow other powerful Star Wars females, like Jyn Erso (from Rogue One), Ahsoka Tano (from The Clone Wars and, more importantly, voiced by Muffy from That’s So Raven), and Padme Amidala (from the prequels).

I am openly not a huge Star Wars fan. I really enjoyed The Force Awakens, but everything else I’ve seen just isn’t my cup of tea. However, give me some small doses of animation, sprinkle in a gorgeous title card (narrated by my queen, Lupita Nyong’o, no less), and some female empowerment and I am all in.

These will be slowly released online and will be also airing on Disney Channel. I’m excited for more and looking forward to more girls seeing heroes that look like them. May the Force Be With You.

Welcome to disneyBOP!

Welcome to disneyBOP, a new website under the LaughingPlace umbrella. I am also excited to announce that I will be creative director!

Image result for mamrie hart gif confetti

So, here’s the gist: Some articles I’ve written in the past have received such positive feedback that it made sense to expand on them. Things like the independent Disney shop community and Disney Channel articles warrant more discussion, as they are larger topics than we at LP have room for. On top of that, I was inspired by Teen Vogue’s ability to pair lifestyle and fashion with pieces discussing representation.

That’s the goal with disneyBOP. We hope to bring you coverage of new Disney fashion trends and collections, lifestyle pieces (like crafts, home decor, etc.), entertainment (music playlists, Disney Channel, Shondaland), and items on representation. We want to be able to talk about things like LGBTQ rights, feminism, racial equality, etc. all through the lens of Disney. Think about honest discussions about “gay LeFou” or the Maui costume debacle. We hope to offer constructive criticism when needed, along with congratulations when Disney excels.

Overall, we hope to allow you to Live Life Magically.

I am so excited for you the see the site and what we have in store, but we are also looking for writers. The Disney blogging community needs diverse voices from all walks of life. I would love to have someone living on a Native American reservation giving their real thoughts on Pocahontas. I would love getting a member of the LGBTQ community discussing Disney’s commitment to helping the Pulse nightclub monument come to fruition. I would love a ton of college students sending in how they add Disney to their personal wardrobe. I want all races, sexualities, genders, backgrounds represented.

If you have any desire to write for disneyBOP, send your pitches to

We are looking for TV recappers, fashion bloggers, lifestyle gurus, crafters, and op-ed writers. Also, if you have an idea for something that you think would work great on the site that isn’t listed, send it our way! Be sure to send a pitch for the article you’d like to write and some examples of your writing!

I am so excited to share the site with you and create our community and hope you join in the fun. Be sure to follow us everywhere @disneyBOP.

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