Disney Style Around the World: Disneyland Paris

Welcome back Arielle with her continuing series!

As we continue our journey checking out the best fashion at all the Disney parks around the globe, it’s only fitting that we’d take a trip to Disneyland Paris.

After all, Paris is the fashion capital of the world, and Parisians have a truly effortless, glamorous touch when it comes to their style…even for a day at Disney.

Locals love to show off their personal style while also keeping things effortlessly chic, and even in jeans and sneakers, they manage to look like the most stylish people to grace the streets of a theme park.

They may not go decked out in head-to-toe Mickey gear, but they always know how to make a sophisticated statement in their park attire, and Parisians will find the most subtle ways to show off their Disney style for a day at the two French parks, Disneyland Paris and the Walt Disney Studios Park.

There’s a reason why the French have that certain je ne sais quoi – the world is their stage, and Disneyland Paris is their runway.

Check out some gorgeous examples of the unique fashion at Disneyland Paris – maybe these looks will inspire you for your next day at the parks.

Matching sneakers? Check!

Kisses from Stitch to…Stitch!

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Denim for days with this crew


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So chic

Sleeping Beauty, who?

Look at this new Space Ranger recruit

Only at Disney can your ears match your purse

A gorgeous pop of red

J'ai pas l'air mais je passe un moment.

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The force is with him

Jeans and a cardigan are anything but basic here

Two totally cute deputies

Queen of the castle

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#familygoals indeed

A lavender dream

Happiest place on earth 💘

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There’s a snake in her boot!

So much incredible style, so little time… looks like we’ll have to grab our passports and head to the City of Light ASAP.

Ariel: Underrated Feminist?

Ariel is our favorite red-headed mermaid, and yet she never gets the credit she deserves. She kickstarted the resurgence of Disney Princesses in animated films, but she is pushed to the side for not being as progressive as the other women around her. Belle is a book lover and a caring soul. Jasmine is tired of the patriarchy, with Merida agreeing wholeheartedly. Pocahontas is an eco-warrior and Mulan is a legit warrior. We consistently hear “Not your average Disney Princess” as a descriptor for new films, and yet, the average Disney Princess now is strong, independent, and a proud feminist.

Yet, Ariel always get shoved into the grouping with Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora (Sorry, ladies). I firmly believe our favorite friend under the sea doesn’t deserve the shade being thrown her way. Ariel is just as feminist as the others and that should be celebrated.

People associate Ariel with “But Daddy, I LOVE HIM!” and “I’m 16, I’m not a child,” which is relatively damming evidence for adhering to gender roles, but we forget how independent she is from the get-go. She is very interested in humans from the start, but the force of her father won’t allow her to educate herself. She is placed in a box, that being a singer with her family band (very “Partridge Family”). Her father wants her to just sing, and in the words of Belle, can anyone be happy if they aren’t free? She doesn’t enjoy singing, she enjoys learning. Ariel is risking her life to acquire more human artifacts just to comprehend the world above her. She just wants to learn. Honestly, it’s a very Fahrenheit 451 situation, especially after her father destroys her grotto. Even with “Part of Your World” being her I-want-song, it is just a list of things she wants to learn about the human world. Ariel needs information, gosh darn it!

When Eric is introduced, it isn’t a strictly love situation. “But she says she does, like, blatantly!” Yes, I realize annoyed reader. However, the love is also towards the idea of humans. She wants to know what’s above her and that just happens to include Eric. Then she saves his life, y’all. Did Cinderella save anyone’s life? Um, no. Getting close to Eric during the rescue on the beach piques her interest even more as she’s never been that close to a completely new species before, especially one she’s been enamored with since birth. It was, in her mind, as if all these years spent interested and compiling information and looking on from a far were finally rewarded. I liken it to you finally meeting your favorite celebrity. You’ve followed their social media, you’ve watched their films/listened to their music/watched their every move, and now you are seeing them in person. You’d have some pretty strong feelings in that moment, too, and for Ariel, they occurred in her mind as love.

Ursula’s contract states that to become a human for good, she must receive Eric’s true love’s kiss. Now, the love is nice incentive and there is clearly a reason for its existence, but she wants to kiss him more to remain a human and not strictly for the relationship. Really, Eric is the one who is more in it for love. He is in search of the girl who saved him in the hopes to fall in love with her, strictly based on her voice. Eric is solely on this hunt for a wife with no concept of the repercussions or weirdness of the whole thing, easily making him the worst character in the film, even if his ship captaining does kill Ursula in the finale. As the film draws to a close, Ariel gets to remain human for the rest of her days as her father (FINALLY) sees what she’s been fight for her whole life. She was a human born in a mermaid’s body and she can finally live her truth. She can finally be where the people are!

Ariel is a feminist. She revolts against the patriarchy and gender roles her stern father has assigned to her and eventually gains freedom and the chance to be her true self. I love Ariel and will never be ashamed to say that.

Disney Style Around the World: Tokyo Disneyland

Please welcome Arielle Tschinkel to the disneyBOP family!

To the uneducated masses, it would seem that every Disney Park is the same – after all, is it really that different to ride Space Mountain whether you’re in Florida or France?

But true Disney fans know that what makes the Disney parks so special is that each one around the world has its own spirit…there are undeniable differences in culture you’ll find whether you’re stateside in California or across the world in China.

One of the best parts of heading to Disney is people watching, and that’s never truer than at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Disney fans in Japan pull out all the stops for a day at the parks, and their enthusiasm and love of Disney shines through in their elaborate fashion and style choices.

Sure, some are content to put on a pair of Mickey ears, but more often than not, you’ll see entire groups of people in coordinating Disney outfits and costumes. It doesn’t matter what season it is or what the weather is like – Tokyo Disney visitors face unbearably hot and humid weather in the summer thanks to their proximity to Tokyo Bay, and snowy wet weather in the winter – but they still enjoy dressing up no matter what the forecast calls for.

Check out some awesome examples of the unique fashion at Tokyo Disney – maybe these looks will inspire you for your next day at the parks.

A super-kawaii crew!

Where do we get these shirts for our squad?!

Toontown selfies.

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Sunny game strong!

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When your Mickey pop matches your bow…

Too cute for words!

#SquadGoals indeed

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Uniform doesn’t have to mean boring.

Hangin’ out at Mickey’s house

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Dumbo has never looked so stylish!


No bad apples here!

Every moment I have with you is precious. Don't we look alike😜? #potd #disneyland #tokyo #japan #lotd #snowwhite

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Giving Donald a run for his money.

BRB…booking our flights to Japan now.


Book Club: “A Wrinkle In Time” Update

So, here’s the dealio book clubbers (if any of you actually exist),

I still want the book club to continue, but weekly just doesn’t make sense like I initially thought it would. We’re still a new site, so expecting a book club to work on a weekly basis is impossible.

I still want to read the book, so a month from today, September 30th, I’ll come back here to discuss the entire book and we’ll chat from there.



See you then.

Dreamport Cosmetics Puts “One Little Spark” Into Their Bodycare

Tina and Nick over at Dreamport Cosmetics have created a brand of bath and body products all featuring scents inspired by the Disney parks. They’ve taken the morals of the Dreamfinder and Figment and put them into a successful family-run business.

With Tina being a scientist, the chemistry of cosmetics has always been interesting to her. (*cue me singing “My Secret Weapon” from War Paint*) That interest led to a decade of creating products for themselves and close family and friends. Only on their most recent trip to Disney World did the lightbulb go off to push their two loves together and make a business out of the endeavor.

Ideas can come from anywhere, whether it be a specific scent or just a fond memory at the parks. From there, they try to turn this faint idea into an actual product, whether it be a lip scrub or a bath bomb.

They love to hear feedback from their customers. They said their proudest moment is always hearing someone enjoying their products. This is seen through their sampling program. With every order, you can receive up to 3 fragrance samples to plan for future purchases for FREE. I love that!

Inspired by one of everyone's favorite picture spots these Bubblegum Wall Foaming Bath Salts will help relax and inspire you next time you are in the bath.  The European Spa Salts are solar evaporated and harvested from the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea.  Each color is a different scent and packaged individually.  Use the salts separately or experiment by blending them together.  The only limit is your imagination! 💜💖💛💙 _________________ 🛀🎈🌟 #dreamportcosmetics #disneyart #disneycrafts #disneyscents #disneyinspired #waltdisneyworld #disneyland #disneyigers #igers_disney #disneydetails #instadisney #disneyparks #magicalmakers #disneyathome #disneylife #disneygram #disneyfamily #disneyside #disneysenses #disneyaddict #disneyfriends #disneyobsessed #disneynerd #wdw #loveyourskin #disneyig #athomespaday #bathsaltspa #bubblegumwall

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Their plan for the future is quite simple: to continue sharing their passion for high-quality Disney inspired bath and body products.

Now, the two questions I ask every shop owner:

1. What are your go-to items you have to wear at the parks?

T&N: From pins to patches to mouse ears, t-shirts, and hats we are never without gear from small shops.

2. If you had comps and a time machine, what moment in Disney history would you experience?

T&N: We would go back to July 17, 1955, and spend the opening day of Disneyland with Walt Disney.  To be able to share the moment that he realized his dream and opened the gates to a future that would change so many lives would be incredible.

Thanks to Tina and Nick for being a part of this and be sure to head over to Dreamport Cosmetics to pick up some great new bath & body products!

(P.S. You know you wanna celebrate #EPCOT35 with the Living with the Land face mask!)

The Official Unofficial Disney Slang Dictionary

I have a problem where I start to say something ironically, but it ends up becoming my normal language. Like, totes. I’ve decided I need to bring some new slang words into my personal dictionary and what better way than to support phrases made famous by Disney. When you think about it, we have been introduced to numerous words and phrases that originated in Disney films and television, so why not make them part of the lexicon? Here’s an alphabetical list of Disney slang that you should add to your own personal vocabulary. Be sure to tweet @disneyBOP some entries for words we’ve missed and we’ll add them to our dictionary.


Bitch BabyScandal: Definition – Wimp; “Stop being such a little bitch baby and suck it up”

Cetus-Lupeedus/Zetus-LapetusZenon: Definition – A feeling of exclamation, similar to OMG; “Cetus-Lupeedus, I can’t believe that rocket ship launched!”

CoconutsJake and the Neverland Pirates: Definition – Bummer; “I dropped my books. Ah, coconuts!”

Dance It OutGrey’s Anatomy: Definition – Relax and refocus, to ignore surroundings and move with a sense of joy; “You seem down. We need to dance it out.”

GrooveThe Emperor’s New Groove: Definition – Mood, current headspace; “Stop talking about the homework due tomorrow, you’re throwing off my groove.”

Hakuna MatataThe Lion King: Definition – No worries; “I’m late to the movie, but Hakuna Matata.”

Inky Zenon: Definition – Gross, Bad; “Ugh, this fish is so inky.”

Later DaysThe Weekenders: Definition – See you later; “Okay, I have to go now. Later days!”

My Life is TrashPepper Ann: Definition – To convey that something is going through a struggle; “I got an F on this test. My life is trash.”

Noodle PB&J Otter: Definition – Brain; “Use your noodle to make a decision.”

OodelayPB&J Otter: Definition – A greeting, similar to Aloha; “See you soon! Oodelay!”

So Not the DramaKim Possible: Definition – No worries, no big deal; “You can’t come tonight? So not the drama, we can reschedule!”

Sweet NibletsHannah Montana: Definition – Exclamatory phrase like ‘good lord,’ can be positive or negative; “He ate the last brownie? Sweet Niblets!”

Tinsel Prep & Landing: Definition – Positive word, like great or awesome; “Oh my goodness, that’s so tinsel!”

To the Tenth Power SquaredZenon: Definition – to further accentuate importance;
“That movie was incredible to the tenth power squared.”

What’s the Sitch?Kim Possible: Definition – What’s happening, what’s the plan; “Hey Wade, what’s the sitch?”

WhompsRecess: Definition – Sucks; “We have homework over the weekend?! This whomps.”

Ya Nasty – That’s So Raven: Definition – Someone is insulting or rude; “Can you stop looking at me like that, ya nasty?!”

Book Club: “A Wrinkle In Time” Chapters 1-2

It’s finally here! The first episode of our Book Club podcast! Full disclosure: This is me rambling about the first two chapters of A Wrinkle In Time for about 15 minutes. I promise I’ll sound less idiotic as these continue, but I’m going to give myself a pass for first time jitters and confusion. Remember, feel free to join in the conversation using #WrinkleBOP on Twitter or right here in the comments.

Now, currently the podcast is only available here. We are currently working on getting it on iTunes, and once that happens, I will post the episode(s) there and let everyone know that is an option.

Our next section will be Chapters 3 & 4 and should be read by a week from today, August 30th. See you then and Happy Reading!

State Bags’ New Collection is from A Galaxy Far, Far Away

STATE Bags has recently unveiled their new Star Wars line and they are pretty flipping rad. They have 6 different designs ranging from the Dark Side to our favorite golden droid.

There are also various sizes available, with larger multi-pocketed Johnny bags to Mini-Lorimers, which would be a perfect size to bring the essentials on board Star Tours.

They are uber pricey, as the one I have my eye on is $185, but for every bag purchased, a bag filled with supplies is donated to an American child in need, which is pretty fantastic.

Be sure to check out STATE Bags to get our own galactic bag!

“Tangled: The Series” is Straight-Up Exceptional

While Ducktales is the current Disney Television Animation darling at the moment (and understandably so, as it’s 2-part premiere was fantastic), we all seem to be forgetting how utterly fantastic this year’s earlier entry Tangled: The Series is and continues to be every episode.

As I type this, I have just finished “Pascal’s Story,” the 11th episode of the series. The preview from last week already had me prepared for a lot of emotions, and boy did it deliver. We were finally treated to how Pascal and Rapunzel became friends.


Baby Pascal, arguably the cutest thing to ever exist ever (Step aside, Pua!), was placed on a lily pad and sent down a river by his mother to protect him from a giant snake, therefore sacrificing herself for her child. So, at this point, I’m already a mess.

He makes it to the tower and the two become close as they only have each other and it’s a beautifully directed and constructed friendship montage. We move to present day and Rapunzel is so busy that Pascal feels like their friendship is over. (I get it, bud. She didn’t have time for you and that stunk on ice.) He decides to run away back to the tower.

Okay, so, the tower. Yeah. That tower. The detail and emotion in that scene was so spectacular that it gave me goosebumps. No one has been there since Flynn died, so it’s eerie to say the least. Her long brown locks still cover the floor, the knife used to stab Flynn lay by the window, weeds had grown throughout the room. It was a lot.

At the core, the story was about friendship, which quite moving. It was done so well, especially considering one of the two in the friendship can’t talk.

That is just one example of how this show is killing. The writing is truly top-notch in the comedy and drama departments. My current favorite line is Flynn talking to Punzie: “I’ve couldn’t stop thinking about two things all day. ‘What is chutney?’ and You.” I spit my water out the first time I heard it. Last week’s “One Angry Princess” episode was constructed like Law & Order, to which I gasped once I realized they were committing so hard to the joke.

Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi are obvs fantastic reprising their roles from the film, but the new cast adds a lot. Richard Kind is sensational as a local baker. Eden Espinosa plays Cassandra with hard outer shell, but a soft inner one that you have to dig to find. Jeremy Jordan and James Monroe Iglehart also bring great warmth and humor to the show with their respective additions.

The animation style is gorgeous and makes you wish that animated series could be nominated for Production Design Emmys. The theme song is also a big winner and consistently puts me in the greatest mood. I like to screlt (scream/belt) “WITH THE WIND IN MY HAIIIIIIRRRRR!” in locations that it’s not necessary just to see people’s reactions at this point. I have recently dyed my hair blonde and I believe that subconsciously, it was to become one with Rapunzel.

If you haven’t been watching, I highly suggest you check it out, especially the two most recent episodes as it has really found its groove. The messages are fantastic, but you’re never beaten over the head with them. AH, this show. It’s phenomenal.

Head on over to Watch Disney Channel or the app to catch-up on Tangled: The Series!

Disney Theatricals OOTD: Prince Eric DisneyBound

I took a trip under the sea recently (more like the Straz Center for the Performing Arts) to see the touring company of The Little Mermaid. Now, this is a licensed tour and not put on by Disney Theatricals themselves, but let me tell you that Diana Huey can SANGGGG.

She performs the role of Ariel on the tour and my goodness, she is fantastic. I hope to see her on the Great White Way soon, as she is wonderful.

ANYWAY, I decided to do a little DisneyBound for the occasion because I’m that person. I had a few moms point me out to their children as they grabbed their booster seats before heading into the theater, which made me smile.

This was a very easy Bound for me to put together, as I had everything already (sans one item). I wore my black Chelsea boots with a pair of skinny jeans I had. I can never tell (and Disney can’t seem to, either) if Eric’s pants are black or dark blue, so I just went with the darkest wash on denim I could find in my closet. I had the white button-up already, but I bought a very cheap red cloth belt on Amazon for $7.99 to complete the look.

I loved that I had basically everything ready to go for this one at home, so I’m looking forward to scouring my closet and drawers again soon for more easy DisneyBounds.