Great YouTube Series You’re Not Watching: Down to Disness

If you are a Disney fan who dabbles on the YouTubes, you may be familiar with Sarah Snitch/Sarah Sterling. I’ve been subscribed to her channel for the past 6 years. I’ve been with her through college, her Disney College Program, and her current Thingamavlogs period (her Disney collab channel that puts out some great content).

Sarah has always been a Disney YouTuber, but two years ago, Sarah began a new series called “Down to Disness.” She is going through the Walt Disney Animation Studios cannon and diving deep into the history and legacy of every Disney animated film. Also, viewers get to vote on what they want to see as the monthly entry.

She discusses the making of, the initial reaction from audiences, and what the film has become as time has passed. It’s really interesting, easily digestible, and injected with some inside-Disney humor that is always appreciated.

Be sure to subscribe to Sarah for more Down to Disness, along with other great Disney content.

Main Street Press says “Harambe Locals ONLY!”

The crew over at The Main Street Press is bringing back their adorable Harambe line on August 2nd at 8pm EST.

They have Navy and Berry colored shirts and tanks, pins, patches, stickers, and hats with the super cute design on it, allowing you to prove you’re a stan of Animal Kingdom. Be sure to head over to The Main Street Press here on August 2nd to pick up their restock.

Magic Kingdom OOTD: Purple Wall Posing

Let me quickly break down this photo:

I changed outfits during my recent day at the Magic Kingdom because 1) It was uber hot and I needed to change into non sweaty clothing and 2) I’m extra af.

I went to go take a picture in front of the wall, ’cause duh, but it was already closed for the Fireworks dessert party.

The ENTIRE walkway is closed, even though the party is only on the Tomorrowland Terrace seating area. I got to wall and had a mini breakdown over the wall closure…so then I had to deal with what I had.

“Look ma! There’s the wall!”

So, there it is. The story of this picture.

Image result for tragic gif

Anywho, I now have a Purple Wall specific outfit, ’cause I’m THAT Disney fan. The shirt is from The Lost Bros and is so funny. The wall has a shirt. It’s ridiculousness makes me laugh. It is currently on sale and all proceeds from the shirt go to Give Kids the World, so it’s a great purchase on all counts! The shorts are, randomly, from ASOS. I was searching the site recently for cheap shorts and came across thee Purple Wall shade and freaked out a bit. ASOS has become my new go-to place for color matching.

I guess next up is finding purple shoes and/or a Bubblegum Wall outfit? Or, ya know, have social contact with others instead. That’s good, too.

Lucky Rabbit Supply Co.’s Celebrates Halloween Early

Over at the Lucky Rabbit Supply Co, they are already getting into the spirit of All Hallows Eve. They have just released their new line of Halloween products and they are to DIE for. *pauses for pun to set in*

The Ghost pin and Nightmare Before Christmas inspired shirt both are cute additions, but I am SO here for any and all reference of the Boo To You Parade for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. It’s bright and cute and covered in candy, so obviously I need it. ADORABLE.

Be sure to check out their Halloween collection (which is going fast) here and the rest of their great products!

Spireside’s Newest Scent is Köstlich!

We are big fans of Spireside candles. So much so, we’ve already featured them over on LaughingPlace. However, they have a new scent that has me yearning to travel to Bavaria ASAP.

Karamell-Küche is the newest addition to their scent library, allowing you to bring home the smell of your favorite caramel shop at the Germany Pavilion at EPCOT. The candle combines kettle corn and creamy caramel smells to create the perfectly sweet addition to your home/dorm room/garage.

Be sure to head here to purchase their newest scent, or to check out their oodles of other great candles.

(P.S. I love Rome Burning, personally!)

The Lost Bros Releasing Some Cool Stuff, Yo’

Formerly known as the Lost Bros Trading Co, The Lost Bros have changed their name and expanded their selection of designs and products once again.

Their upcoming big release is for their 90s Time Capsule box. It includes a slap bracelet, a bottle of bubbles, MAGIC (their version of MASH, your favorite “I’m bored in the 4th grade, so someone hand me a piece of paper” game), and a Glazed by the Belle tank/tee. Colton and Cody always know how to create fantastic designs and concepts, and this box is no different. These go live on July 31st.

😎Alright, alright, alright.😎 🤗The 90s Time Capsule is coming July 31st!🤗 🤦🏻‍♂️Honestly, thank god it's the 90s coming back, and not Cody's middle part🤦🏻‍♂️ 🚨Here is a totally radical run down of what it will contain when it releases:🚨 🍩A sweet Glazed by the Belle Tee/Tank🍩 🍾One of our slammin Slap Bracelets🌞 🙋🏻‍♂️Your very own bottle of bubbles (life is, after all)💁🏻‍♂️ 👰🏼🤵🏻AND a customized MASH (We're calling it MAGIC) board pad (means you can play it like 20 times!) designed by your two favorite lost bros! (Wait until you find out who you might marry and what your Disney job might be!)🏰🤴🏻 😱Gah I'm so excited! Who is ready for this blast from the past?!😱 HI NOTE FROM CODY. I PUT MY WHOLE HEART AND LIFE IN TO THIS VIDEO. PLEASE TAG A FRIEND SO THIS CAN BE MY MOST FAMOUS ART EVER

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On top of that, they have two new shirt designs that are so rad (Sorry, stuck on the 90s box). Their McQueen Florida 500 Tour shirt replicates classic heavy metal bands and is distressed to add that thing that says “I saw them live and it’s so much better than the record,” that makes you feel snooty and others want to punch you in the face. LOVE.

They also just introduced their Olaf’s Snowcone Shack design, which continues their line of sidekick food shirts. They’ve given us San Fransokyo Sushi and Mushu’s Chinese Take-Out, so Frozen joins the game this go around. I love the yellow and looks great IN SUMMMMMERRRRR.

We are big fans of The Lost Bros here, so be sure to check out their newest releases!

For Descendants 3, Ortega wants Disney Channel Royalty

(Disney Channel/Image Group LA)

Directing and Choreography extraordinaire Kenny Ortega was recently interviewed by People’s Choice where he expressed interest in getting some Disney Channel veterans to return for the third Descendants film.

He would love to make a Descendants 3 if the fans express interest (um…we do.) As far as the talent involved, he threw out some heavyweights in the Disney realm.

“I would like Miley to come back and I would like Vanessa to come back,” Kenny said. “How about the Jonas Brothers could all come back and be our Lost Boys? I’m a big fan of so many of the artists that have come out of the channel and have gone on to have great careers, those that I’ve had an opportunity to work with and those that I haven’t had an opportunity to work with.”

I think I can speak for us all by saying “YES!” and at the same time “THEY WOULD NEVER!”

Wishful thinking is sometimes best thinking. However if any of them try to go for my Hades’ son part, I will kick them out of the way so fast and so hard…IT IS MINE. *breathes*

Would you like to see these veterans return to Disney Channel? What other veterans would you like to see return? (Monique Coleman in ALL THE THINGS, please.) Share your ideas below!

Everything Changes: The Fandom and its Freak-Outs

July 15th, 2017. A day that will live in infamy…for the Disney fandom. The Parks & Resorts panel, for the first time ever, actually exceeded expectations. Known for a whole lotta nothing, this year the team at the Parks division of the company finally delivered.

The above is a comprehensive list of every announcement made at the panel. It was a LOT. I was actually at the Magic Kingdom during the panel and went on Peoplemover just so I could have a relaxing time while constantly refreshing my Twitter feed. With every refresh came a new announcement, it was insane.

The changes announced received a lot of trepidation throughout the community. Now, this isn’t a new thing. However, fans usually pick and choose. Disney fans are a contradictory bunch by nature and I firmly own up to it.

One of the biggest arguments coming out of the Expo was the characterization of Epcot. By that, the original vision of Epcot was more adult, more edutainment based, and with a lack of characters. However, looking towards the future of the park sees characters popping up all over the place.

My own contradictory nature came into play with the Epcot announcements as I adore the old school mentality of the park, but I am fine with characters. The reveal that Ratatouille would be coming to France was a double-win, as it seems that we are also keeping Impressions De France. Score! We get to keep the beauty of the Epcot films plus a new fun family attractions based on Ratatouille. I am here for it. Yet, on the flip side, the reveal of Ellen’s Energy Adventure closing to make way for a Guardians of the Galaxy ride was a double blow. I adore Ellen’s Energy Adventure and I hate Guardians, so it was a multi-layered bad news item.

I was mad at Tower of Terror leaving at DCA for Guardians. I’m confused at the choice of Mickey design for the new Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. I’m bummed about The Great Movie Ride leaving, but I get it. I’m excited for Tron. I’m absolutely stoked for the new theater on Main Street.

Every Disney fan is going to have their own opinions about the future of the theme parks. That is a known fact. That being said and known, I am tired of how the fandom treats those who don’t agree with them.

The amount I saw this weekend with people viscerally angry at those excited for Ratatouille or those not looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy was crazy. It defeats the whole purpose of Disney itself.

I know I’m going to get flak for going full cheese, but it’s true. This community is one that is filled with joy because of their belief in the power of dreams and magic. So, when people within the community yell at each other for their own warranted opinions is ridiculous.

We all appreciate different things about Disney and their theme parks. Let’s coexist within the community and understand everyone’s opinions. So, while I can be mourning the loss of Ellen’s Energy Adventure, I understand if you are excited for the future. Come on, Disney Fandom. In the words of Hayley Mills, Let’s Get Together!


Magic Kingdom OOTD: Brer Rabbit DisneyBound

I had a super fun day at the Kingdom recently and decided to try my hand out at DisneyBounding the Splash Mountain hare. I’m really trying to up my DisneyBound game, especially since men have less options to work with as far as accessories and such.

This time around, I looked at what I had available and tried to work out a DB based on what I already had. It’s harder to do, as you don’t have a specific character in mind to start, but thought this was a perfect Magic Kingdom choice. However, I did feel out of place outside of Frontierland!

I had a plain J.Crew Pink V-Neck T-shirt lying around, along with a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch Royal Blue shorts. Now, just the color blocking needed something else to help scream “Brer Rabbit,” so I went on Amazon for some inspiration. I ended up finding this Red and White Polka Dot Headband on Amazon, which reminded me of his sack he carries around with him. I decided to wear it on my wrist instead, since putting on my head made me look like a straight up idiot. Well, more than normal.

It was a very quick bound, but fun nonetheless. I’m hoping to find more outfits already in my closet, ’cause I am on a BUD*claps*GET.

Let’s Discuss “Descendants 2″…

We were all treated to another trip to Auradon and the Isle of the Lost this past Friday with the premiere of Descendants 2 and it was a time. While you can find my proper review over on, I had many a spoiler-filled thought during the film that I thought we’d break down as a collective unit. Let me know in the comments if you had and of the same reactions I did.


  • Opening with a dream sequence is a…choice. It does work though, thanks to a super fun song (teaching kids across the world how to spell wicked, just like “Did I Mention?” taught them how to spell ridiculous. Is the Descendants franchise actually an English class? Discuss.) and prime Kenny Ortega choreography. Those apple moves tho. Related image
  • Love. Blonde. Mal.
  • I need a GIF of Mal going “She multitasks” and flipping her hair more than I need the ability to breathe. I will use it for all occasions.
  • Why is everyone all about the magic wand? I mean, I’m here for that being the symbol of all power, especially since it’s owner is a delightful middle aged woman, but you would expect something a little more over-the-top.
  • Chad is a tool. Chad is a caricature of every and all fraternity brothers across this country and I’m obsessed. He’s misogynistic, full of himself, and I’m over him. Honestly, have you ever met a decent Chad?
  • Lonnie has quickly become my favorite character. Her mom is Mulan, so that’s a win, but that line where she’s all “If my mother thought like that, she wouldn’t have won the war” had me slayed into a new dimension.
  • “What’s My Name” is a jam and if you don’t agree, you are free to leave.
  • The greatest part about this movie is either Harry Hook or Harry Hook’s arms. I’m having the hardest time deciding. Image result for harry hook gif
  • Dizzy is flipping adorable, Lady Tremaine’s Curl Up and Dye is a fabulous pun, and I’m obsessed with this entire scene. Dizzy’s “Great. More sweeping.” was a masterclass of sarcastic acting. She must’ve learned from the Raven-Symone School for Sarcasm.

  • Lonnie’s presence is making this rap battle less bizarre. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but it was a tonal shift, to say the least. Also, that Harry Hook evil laugh is my new ringtone.
  • We all going to ignore Dude talking? Yeah. K, great.
  • Carlos asking Jane (finally!) is adorable and sweet and if that doesn’t work out, honestly, I’m available.
  • Truly, I would wear anything Carlos wears out on the town. His wardrobe is sick. Also, Lonnie’s pant number for cotillion is my new aesthetic.
  • This final twist is cray (Uma is one slippery villain), but this final “battle” is a little…odd. Uma just swims away? She must have something up her sleeve for a third movie, ’cause I don’t trust anyone who works at a Fish N’ Chips place.
  • “You And Me” may be the greatest finale song for a DCOM ever don’t @ me. Also, choreography in two inches of water is the Kenny Ortega work we deserve.
  • Dizzy is going to Auradon! I’ve never been so happy for a fictional character! Also, can she cut my bangs a little shorter?
  • Uma’s “What, you thought this story was over?” was ominous and exciting. Give me Descendants 3, like, yesterday. Still waiting on the call to be Hades’ son.

You can rewatch Descendants 2 on