“That’s So Raven” Essential Episodes

This week is Raven Week on disneyBOP! We’ll bring you a new post leading up to the premiere of Raven’s Home this Friday. 

The entire series of That’s So Raven is available on the Watch Disney Channel app, WatchDisneyChannel.com, and On Demand through your television provider. Since this Friday is the premiere of Raven’s Home on Disney Channel at 10pm, you don’t have the time to fully binge the series, ya nasty. However, during the four seasons and 100 episode run of the show, some episodes that are key to the That’s So Raven puzzle were released. Here’s the essential episodes you must watch before Friday.

  • Season 1 – “If I Only Had A Job” – Do you listen to music? Do you watch TV? Do you carry a lunchbox? These are the existential questions of our time thanks to this classic episode. Raven gets a vision that her father will be fired from his job as head chef at a restaurant, but her original plan to help goes awry (shocker).  Her follow-up is to pretend to be a famous (debatable) singer and yell her way to his rehiring. From Chelsea’s Sharon Osbourne impression to the random gospel choir sitting in a booth, it is required to sing along. “Since Victor left the food’s no good…”
  • Season 1 – “Psychics Wanted” – I go back and forth between a few, but this maybe my favorite episode of the entire series. How does Raven try and make money? By becoming a TV psychic of course. I mean, she has the credentials. When she tries to help a caller into becoming her boyfriend, hijinks ensue. Add in a great guest appearance by Niecy Nash and a Chelsea cat bit that I try to include in everyday conversation, it’s possibly the one episode that is a perfect representation of That’s So Raven.
  • Season 2 – “That’s So Not Raven” – Body Shaming is gross, we all know that. But you know who was dropping truth bombs about the subject a decade ago? Raven. Baxter. When Raven enters her designs into a fashion contest, but models the clothes herself, the contest head tries to make the dress get on a skinny woman anyway possible. It takes a sensitive issue and really makes it hilarious and empowering. GO RAY.
  • Season 2 – “Road to Audition” – Raven thinks she sees a reality TV talent scout walking the halls of Bayside in a vision, which can only mean one thing. MUSICAL EPISODE! Our favorite crew decide to ambush the guy with impromptu musical performances wherever he goes. While not every song is great (Cory’s number is a big ‘ole pile of “eh”), stick around for the delightful Paula Abdul cameo and Chelsea’s “Alone in the Hallways,” which I continue to sing to this day. Just the stairwells, the lockers, and me.
  • Season 3 – “Chef-Man and Raven” – Victor gets to be on a cooking show and brings along Raven to be his assistant. The recipe sneaks in mushrooms. Raven is allergic to mushrooms. ICONIC prosthetic work and scream, a TSR specialty. The parody of cooking competition shows is also pretty great.
  • Season 3 – “Mind Your Business” – Senorita Rodriguez, my role model, sponsors a a competition for entrepreneurs. The team that makes the most money on an original product they sell at school wins a mall shopping spree. Our fave trio will stop at nothing to win that shopping spree, even if a little popcorn gets in their way…and probably in their clothing. One of my favorite TSR final predicaments.
  • Season 4 – “Sister Act” – Sydney, Raven’s Mentee/Muse in the final season, joins her in the Little Miss and her Big Sis Pageant. It includes fabulous costumes, Chelsea and Eddie singing a memorable diddy I still can’t get out of my head (“We’re just sisters [BEAT] Sisters ’round the world!”), and Muffy. Muffy, y’all. Queen of all things. MUFFY. Ugh, what a legend.

“Disney Design Challenge” Disappoints in the End

Recently, we highlighted the fantastic “Disney Design Challenge,” which was Disney Style’s first foray into a competition series. OTIS College students competed to have their Frozen inspired designs turned into a reality, along with a college scholarship. The series was short, but the designs were stunning and fantastic.

Friday at the D23 Expo, they finally unveiled the designs that would be produced and be on sale. Once again, the designs were gorgeous, but then I went on the site in the hopes to purchase. Then, I saw the prices. Woof.

Nineteenth Amendment partnered with the series to release the clothes and I get it, they cater to an audience with tons of cash lying around. I also understand high fashion labels collaborating with Disney for various clothing lines, but when it’s a YouTube series, maybe we should drop the price a bit.

Just by nature, a Disney Style YouTube series is going to be watched by a very young demographic. That’s just how YouTube works. So, when you then release the items and a t-shirt goes for $118, that’s a tad insane.

It’s really a stunning jacket, but over $300 for it?

The items up for sale are all good quality, gorgeous items. I planned on picking up this wonderful bomber jacket inspired by anna, but at $325 (!), that’s a plane ticket to NYC to see Frozen in March.

I am here for Disney clothing at all price points. However, when you base a YouTube series around upcoming items for purchase, maybe make everything, ya know, affordable?

Icon. Legend. EDNA.

The Animation panel at this weekend’s D23 Expo just wrapped up and we got a lot of news and previews for what’s to come. One of my favorite things to come out of the event was this absolutely fabulous video highlighting the genius behind fashion icon, Edna Mode. Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, and more join in the praise fest to highlight the fashion icon herself. No capes, of course.

May her star shine bright from years to come.

How To Make Easy Statement Rings

Here are a few underrated things:

  1. Carly Rae Jepsen’s “EMOTION” album
  2. High Maintenance on HBO
  3. Air dry clay

Yeah, a weird combo, but hear me out: air dry clay is fantastic and underutilized. I came across some at work recently and played around with it. I found that these could turn into some adorable statement jewelry pieces. Albeit they won’t last for very long, you can make them into whatever you want for whatever outfit you need them for at a low cost, but high aesthetic returns.

What You Need:

  • Air Dry  Clay (I used Crayola’s Model Magic)
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks

From here, in the words of our friend Figment, with just a spark of inspiration, you can create a multitude of items. First, grab a small ball of clay and roll it into a log shape. From there, connect the ends to create a donut shape that will fit your preferred finger. You can adjust the width of the ring during this point as well.

From there, make whatever sort of “piece” you want, but separately from the ring. I started playing around with dough in my hands until inspiration hit. (For the skull, I started talking about Coco and thought the ring could be cute on a trip to the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot.)

Once you make the ring and “piece” (SEPARATELY!), set them to the side and let them air dry. I’d suggest at least a day to be sure, but feel free to shorten or lengthen that time depending on your confidence in not breaking them.

Next, take your acrylic paints and paint away, honeybun! I suggest a few coats on everything to make sure the paint will dry the shade you want.

After letting the paint dry, hot glue away! In the case of the items with multiple pieces, I took them apart for painting and gluing, for extra detail and protection.

I was surprised at how great mine turned out and I’m excited to rock them at the parks soon! Send us pictures of your rings @disneyBOP and we’ll share our favorites!

Mug Shots – July 2K17

It’s time for MUG SHOTS, our monthly round-up of the best Disney mugs for sale across the interwebs so you can magically sip that tea. The tea always needs to be stirred, so why not in a Disney mug? We see you. We understand you. We are ready to give you what you want. Now, backs against the wall!

This month, all of our entries are available from BoxLunch.com.

These adorable Mickey and Goofy Mason Jar mugs go for $19.90. While they are hand wash only, few things excite me more than a mason jar. Free food, Princess Diaries, Mason Jars. Yep, that’s me in a nutshell. Cute for serving up some refreshing ice tea or for sitting a-top your desk and holding pens and pencils.

This Star Wars mug goes for $12.90 and is best for coffee and tea drinkers (sorry, cold liquid fans). The mug is heat sensitive, so once your hot coffee is added to the mug, the full logo for The Force Awakens appears (and maybe Maz Kanata? Don’t quote me on that.), which is the coolest. Yes, the pun was intended.




This Cinderella mug goes for $12.90 and is super cute. Adorned with the phrase “Dreams do not end after Midnight,” it’s the perfect piece of inspiration and motivation to keep you heading towards your goals…but like, after your morning joe. ‘Cause some stuff has to wait.

Of all the mugs to use for desk decoration, this jumbo Captain America shield is the perfect fit. It holds 24 fl. oz. and is microwave/dishwasher safe, so if you do choose to use it in its intended way, it is a great choice. However, plant some small succulents in there and you have an adorable bedside table display. Avengers Assemble!



Epcot OOTD: Black & White Look

Look at me trying to be trendy! I recently got back from a fun and chill day trip to Epcot and had an absolute blast. Epcot is, comparatively, dead during summer this year as it’s the only span of time where the park is without a festival (Arts in January-February, Flower & Garden in March-May, Food & Wine in August-November, Holidays Around the World in November-December), so the huge crowds aren’t there. It’s a nice change of pace to have skipping room around World Showcase.

Since it was a go-with-the-flow kind of day, my friend Skyler and I took some time to explore Morocco, since it’s usually a pavilion I rudely walk past. The architecture and textures in Morocco are so varied and gorgeous, that I had to stop and make the pavilion my background. #MoroccoWall.

The outfit stemmed from me trying to make my wide-brimmed black hat from ASOS work. I’ve had it since December and hadn’t figured out how to rock it, especially in these miserable Florida summers. I decided to go all black & white for my first hatventure, allowing me to start off safe.

I had just bought a pair of white flat-front shorts from American Eagle that I loved, so I decided to put those with this adorable Cakeworthy shirt I got a few years back. They also sold a Pirates one, made to look like Prada, that I still hate myself for not picking up when it was available.

The shoes were the biggest hassle, but I stepped outside my comfort zone and went with a pair of Black Chelsea Boots from Bass. I have always been afraid to pair chelsea boots with anything other than pants, but I thought they’d work pretty well with the outfit. I decided to give ’em a try and I really like how the whole look turned out.

It was a fun summer park look that looked nice and was still super comfortable. Now that this hat worked so well, I’m excited to pair this with more looks, along with getting more into hats! (Getting More Into Hats! A Memoir by Marshal Knight)

Princess Dad Hats > Actual Princess Crowns

As someone who is the biggest Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement fan of all-time, I feel very strongly about crowns. They are the most royal accessory out there and that’s a fact. However, the fabulous Tiffany Mink (from Thingamavlogs), has begun releasing a selection of Princess Dad Hats under her Whosits and Whatsits label and they take the cake for best royal head accessories. Sorry crowns…YA OUT. (Fascinators didn’t even have a chance.)

They are being released in phases, and there hasn’t been a real announcement pertaining to who will be considered a Princess down the line (Giselle? Mia? Leia?). However, the released ones thus far are the perfect edition to, truly, any outfit. The simplicity helps, with a color and/or pattern associated with the respective princess covering the hat and a small symbol embroidered on the front. They are stylish and very versatile thanks to their minimalist sensibilities.

My favorite is, of course, the Colors of the Wind design as I am #Pocahontrash. I also really dig the Change Your Fate hat with the great plaid bill.

The entire collection is 100% cotton, features a velcro adjustable strap, and go for $23.99.

Be sure to check out the entire selection of Princess Dad Hats over at Whosits and Whatsits.

Jambo Joe Brings Simplicity to Disney Fashion

Joey, or Jambo Joe on the sosh meeds, thought about taking his love for pop culture and graphic design and creating his own store for people who “get it.” While hesitant about putting himself out there, especially since he was never that person before, he opened up his store and the rest is small-shop history.

When I came across his page during an Instagram follow-hole, I instantly fell in love with the simplicity of the designs he released. This was no accident, as he said he loves minimalistic design and hopes to add it to his own designs as much as possible. His motto for the shop is “less is more,” as the designs create subtle odes to popular Disney films. They are nerdy enough for hardcore Disney fans to understand, while subtle enough to be worn on an everyday basis.

Of course, he loves whenever someone posts a pic of them opening their shipments and rocking their Jambo Joe merch across Instagram (and in person), but he’s looking to expand on what he already releases, like adding more pins and creating more products that represents Jambo Joe as a company.

Now, the two questions I ask every shop owners:

1. What are you go-to items you have to wear on a trip to the parks?

J: Whenever I’m in the parks I always have to wear my Birkenstocks and a Herschel backpack. My Birks are the perfect park shoe because the provide the breathability of flip-flops while also being supportive and comfortable enough for long days spent walking around the parks. I also can never seem to get by with using my clothing pockets to hold everything that I need to survive a day at the parks. Luckily, my Herschel can fit water bottles, umbrellas, snacks, and portable charger, pins to trade, and so much more, all while being super stylish!

2. If you had comps and a time machine, what you experience in Disney history? (This question is an ode to the dearly departed PattyAndEmily.com)

J: If I had the power, I’d go back to the day that the Boardwalk – my favorite resort and DVC home – first opened. I’d love to be able to spend a solid two weeks in the best of the best rooms and just enjoy the sense of comfort and joy that I can only get when I’m there.

Be sure to visit Joey’s shop at shop.jambojoe.com and follow him over on Instagram at @jambojoe and @shopjambojoe.


Thingamavlogs’ 24-Hour Princess Movie Marathon Raises 16.5K for Children’s Heart Foundation

Screenshot from Twitter user @ElizabethMach

The great group over at Thingamavlogs (Sarah Sterling, Patrick Dougall, Tiffany Mink, and Leo Camacho) have just completed their 24-hour livestream of every Disney Princess movie for charity.

If you’re familiar with their channel, you know that they did a similar livestream last year for Pablove, a charity that helps fund children’s cancer research. They watched the entire DCOM marathon for the 100th film over the course of 4 days and raised over $15,000.

However in only 24-hours, this year they raised $16,500 for the Children’s Heart Foundation, an organization helping childhood heart conditions. They chose this cause for one of their viewers, Noah, who has a heart condition himself.

The crew watched every princess movie in Disney’s animated canon, had special guests (including the executive producer of Tangled: The Series), created a trove of inside jokes, and overall raised a butt ton of money (actual measurement) for a fantastic cause.

The livestream will be available on their YouTube channel to view after the fact soon (I highly suggest you watch at least the Tangled section for the fantastic anecdotes about the series on Disney Channel) and you can donate to the Children’s Heart Foundation any time here. Congrats to the Thingamavlogs crew on their fantastic weekend!